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Privacy Policy

Fotostockpix much emphasis on ensuring maximum security for their transactions and data. Fotostockpix provides several directives in this regard:


  •     Protection of personal data
  •     on respect for privacy
  •     on the protection of copyright
  •     restrictions on the use of images
  •     on the conditions of the tariffs

For all questions relating to data protection and the legal aspect please contact us by clicking here.

Protection of personal data

Under the Data Protection Act, you have rights to access, modify and delete data. To exercise this right can modify your information from your area or contact us for the deletion of your account.

For privacy

Fotostockpix never sell, rent or never ever makes available to third parties for marketing or other needs of your personal information. Your personal information may be disclosed only to the judicial authorities in case of litigation.

>> Read the general conditions of site usage Fotostockpix


The company makes every care to limit the digital image reproduction by others without authorization.

So resizing, adding copyright information in the files internally or watermark, are among others, technical solutions that prevent unauthorized reproduction of the images contained on the site.

However, the photographer must be aware that, because of the current technical possibilities and especially because of the digital image format, all or a portion of the images could be used in an unauthorized manner by malicious parties.
In addition Fotostockpix want to be transparent about the remuneration of the photographers under the rights of authors. To this end, Fotostockpix offers a document that summarizes all the information on the price conditions and remuneration of photographers See fare conditions