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In order to sell their work in Fotostockpix, you must strictly comply with the following requirements:

  • You must be 18 years old
  • You must be the author of all files you upload
  • You must possess or have authorization rights for all the elements represented in your files (products, people, property, ... ...)
  • You must accept the terms and conditions of Fotostockpix

When your files are sold can be used without limits on the number of copies printed. The client can use a single file in multiple applications including advertising, marketing materials, press releases, business documents, packaging, websites, and blogs. The extended license (X) allow buyers to use images for resale items such as shirts, calendars and other products based on the image.

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Vendedor Fotostockpix

Fotostockpix offers employees the opportunity to
sell their masterpieces and in return receive a commission 50% - 80%.

File Specifications


  • The image must be in JPEG format.
  • The resolution of the image should not be less than 2400 x 1600 (4 MP).
  • Send images with normal proportions.
  • Files must be under 30 MB.
  • Files must not have been resized (you should send your files in their original resolution)
  • You must be the author of all material sent to Fotostockpix
  • Must have a valid model agreement for each person represented in your files
  • Do not send protected content representing logos or trademarks

Do not send its contents representing buildings, goods or places protected by intellectual property rights


Picture quality guide

Prices and sales commissions Image



  • Vectors must be in format AI or EPS
  • File size must be less than 2 MB.
  • You must be the original author of the file
  • Images may not have protected logos or trademarks protected
  • Images must be creative and detailed (simple vectors without creative detail will be rejected)
  • The function of automatic tracing should not be used to create the image

Price and commissions of vectors

Prices Of The Vectors