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How to start?

In order to download content from Fotostockpix, you must register yourself.

The Fotostockpix registration is completely free and takes only a minute.

Once registered you will get access to the form of purchase credits user panel, choose the Credits and follow the instructions to complete the purchase of credits through Paypal or Moneybookers. (At the moment the only payment option that offers Fotostockpix)

The minimum purchase per transaction credit is 5 credits (6,50 €). When buying in quantity, we offer significant discounts (from 0.74 € per credit).

More about prices

* The credits are valid Fotostockpix for one year from the date of purchase.  

As I search for images?

There are three ways to search for images on Fotostockpix.

1. You can search by categories (top menu categories)

2. Enter keywords (only in Spanish or English) in the search field at the top of each page, then click Search.

3. In Advanced Search you can search by categories and keywords using filters to refine your search.

What kind of license should I buy?

The license type depends on how you are going to use our images.

If the image is used in a brochure, magazine ad, website, or document-purchase a Standard License Royalty Free. Depending on the size of the required image, you can use the license XS, S, M, L, XL, or XXL.

If the image is to be integrated into a derivative item or items for resale as postcards, posters, or web templates - buy a Extended Royalty Free license.

Do I have to add copyright information when an image from Fotostockpix?

It is not mandatory to add copyright information to your web page or document, however, is always appreciated. The copyright notice is mandatory editorial use, as reports in newspapers or magazines.

The format to display the copyright information: © name of the photographer / Fotostockpix

This information can be written in the picture or on a reference page.

¿I can download a comp?

Yes, Fotostockpix provides sample images in low resolution with watermark free, to be used for testing only. To download a sample, click on "Download sample" on page picture detail. The comp images not be used in your final project.

¿I can resell an image I purchased on Fotostockpix?

No, none of our licenses allowed to resell or transfer the licensing rights to the photograph. If you transfer files to your customers to review and file, the right to reuse the image is not transferred to the client. Your customers are required to purchase the appropriate licenses if they wish to use the images.

What if I am unhappy with the quality of the image I purchased?

Fotostockpix offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee - please contact customer service with the ID number of the image and any questions you may have with the image.