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Guide to upload images

 1.      Log into your account Fotostockpix


2. When you load images for the first time, after pressing the "Upload" button, will open this window, which must choose "take an examination" for the initial review of your images.


3. When you have passed the exam, at upload images, will open this window, where you can track the status of their contents (visits, downloads, approved, rejected ...) giving you the option to edit your picture (add keywords, description and categories).

Click edit to define keywords, descriptions and categories to its contents.


You must choose at least one category that best defines your image and a minimum of 7 and maximum 80 key words that describe perfectly the image. We suggest you write keywords in both languages.

For example, 40 words in English and 40 in Spanish

* Content with keywords that have nothing to do with what it represents, will be rejected.