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Serious man with crossed hands The beach in Burgas The Bridge in Burgas Vista de Cullera Iconos para Web Iconos para Web Iconos_Web Iconos_Web Rescate Financiero Diario Idea Arquitectónica Brown cow in a praire Corrubedo Lighthouse in Galicia Coast 10 Euros Snowy Madrid Mountain Range Winter Cascade on forest Billetes philip III equestrian statue Philip III equestrian statue Storks building a nest Cove in Mallorca, Spain Cove in Mallorca, Spain Sunday market in Pollenca, Dec. 9th 2012 Cove Molins, Mallorca, Spain Cove Molins, Mallorca, Spain Church of La Antigua, Valladolid, Spain Dec. 22nd 2012 Baroque facade of University of Valladolid Cove in Mallorca, Spain Beautiful lane with tall trees on both sides of the pathway in a Four Towers Skyscrapers Madrid Ancient exterior hallway of Royal Palace in Aranjuez Aranjuez Royal Palace Segovia Cathedral, Castilla Leon, Spain Roman Acueduct in Segovia, Spain Colorful sunset at Lanzada beach Woman enjoing the sea New Skyline Madrid, September 5th 2012 Bejar Village, Salamanca, Spain Toxa Cascade in Silleda, Spain Nazare Beach and Cliff, Portugal Nazare Beach, Portugal Nazare Cliff Portugal Nazare Beach in Portugal, August 19th 2012 Sanctuary of Fatima, Portugal, August 19th 2012 Sanctuary of Fatima, Portugal Monastery of Batalha, Portugal Nazare Church, Portugal euro ue Kiko money Dinero Euro rojo Euro Metal